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Exclusive Agent UK & Ireland for Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen



Fundamentals Ltd

Fundamentals Ltd is a privately owned UK company involved in power systems technology with a focus on transformers, tap changers and substation control systems.


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Fundamentals Products

Fundamentals can offer the following products:


-Voltage Control Relays

-Control Panels

-Monitoring Solutions

-Fault Passage Indicators


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Fundamentals can offer the following services:


- Scheme Design

-Scheme Installation

-Scheme Commission

-Control Panel Build

-Tap Changer Maintenance

-Tap Changer Inspections

-Scheme Troubleshooting

-Turnkey Control Scheme Service



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MR Products

Since 2009 Fundamentals have been the exclusive UK & Ireland agent for Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR), global market leader in tap changer technology. In this capacity we provide sales, technical and service support for the complete MR product range:


-Tap Changers (on-load and off-load)

-Motor Drive Units

-Tap Changer Monitoring Devices

-Oil Filter Units

-Spare Parts

-Transformer Products:

-Maintenance-Free Breathers

-Pressure Relief Devices

-Buchholz Relays

-WTI / OTI's

-Transformer Monitoring


-Oil Level Indicators

-Oil Flow Indicators

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