About Us

Fundamentals exists to solve problems. Our products and solutions have been improving the health and performance of the electrical grid for 25-years.

The invention of TAPP (Transformer Automatic Paralleling Package) and development of the SuperTAPP™ relay range established Fundamentals as experts in voltage control. The more recent acquisition of Ferranti Tapchangers and legacy GE Tapchangers (incorporating well-known brands such as Metropolitan Vickers, AIE, English Electric etc.), and the addition of products to the portfolio has resulted in a market-leading position for the company.

Fundamentals is now a full-service international company, providing products, services and consultancy for utility and private network/systems operators. Our global client base includes transmission, distribution, industrial, commercial and public sector.

Our range of products includes cutting edge AI-based fault detection and location solutions, FPI’s and LV Regulators. Our team of specialist engineers and technicians offers turnkey AVC installations, condition monitoring and diagnostics, maintenance and refurbishment of all types of LV and HV assets up to 400kV.

Based in Swindon in the UK and servicing the globe, the Fundamentals Group consists of: Fundamentals Ltd, Fundamentals Australia Pty Ltd, Powerline Technologies Ltd and Ferranti Tapchangers Ltd.