Fundamentals Australia

Fundamentals Ltd has created a wholly-owned subsidiary business in Australia as part of its international expansion and growth plan. Fundamentals Australia Pty Ltd was incorporated earlier this year (2018) in Sydney and will be operational in the very near future. With a comprehensive range of products and services offered to help increase the health and performance of the grid and more than 25 years’ experience, the company is looking forward to supporting the transformation of the Australian grid.


The company is committed to solving problems and delivering quality products and services to the electrical power industry and has a policy of continuous improvement which is rigorously applied. Key customers include DNSPs (Distribution Network Service Providers), TNSPs (Transmission Network Service Providers), energy generators, and industrial and private network owners/operators. With accredited policies for quality, health & safety and environment, we bring our expertise to Australia and the wider region. 


Our Local Partners

Working with our local partners, Eng-Com and Flexity,the coming few months will see a realisation of the business plan and we look forward to engaging with all players in the industry to discuss how we can assist. 


Eng-Com Pty Ltd is an independent supplier of OEM spares and replacement parts for On-Load Tapchangers and Switchgear. They are the Australian agents for Ferranti Tapchangers Limited and Brush Transformers Limited (ATL). Eng-Com also offer services for tapchanger maintenance and refurbishment.


Flexity connects system operators to the latest developments in technology, helping them to achieve their business transition, efficiency and sustainability targets.  Flexity advises on regionalisation for global innovators, localising the technical and commercial requirements of new technology.


Contact Us

David Peck  (Technical Consultant)  t: +61 (0)419 309 727  e:

Nick Yates (Commercial Director)  t: +61 (0)404 410 151  e:

Michael Rushmer (Technical Director)  t: +61 (0)427 209 301  e:

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