Fundamentals Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fundamentals Ltd and was incorporated in early 2018 in Sydney, Australia. Fundamentals Ltd has been improving the health and performance of power grids for more than 25-years, and Fundamentals Australia now offer the full range of Fundamentals products and services, supporting the transformation of the Australian grid.

SystemCORP in Australia is also part of the Fundamentals Group of companies. They are leaders in providing substation automation, smart grid technology and turn-key solutions to the electrical utility industry. Click here for more information on SystemCORP. 

The Grid Transition

The Fundamentals Group is committed to solving problems faced by the electrical energy generators, and power transmission and distribution networks through to key industrial and commercial customers. The Australian grid is undergoing significant change as the network architecture transitions from a small number of base-load generators towards a highly distributed network of energy resources. This includes residential rooftop solar and grid-connected windfarms and solar farms, to legacy baseload generators and the Snowy Hydro scheme. The transition is complex and will present us with several changes as we navigate towards the stable operation of the grid.

The Transition Solutions

The Fundamentals Group delivers quality products and services which can be applied to help resolve many of the transitional challenges. This has been built on our foundation products which introduced improvements to transformer paralleling techniques and voltage control. A policy of continuous improvement and a committed program of research and development, along with our accredited* policies for quality, health & safety and environment, provide the basis for the development of significant new solutions to current and emerging challenges.

Areas of Expertise

Our traditional core strength lies in the management of voltage at all network levels, and in particular at MV and LV. Our areas of expertise are as follows:

Tapchanger Services

The Fundamentals Group is proud owners of Ferranti Tapchangers and replace GE’s Grid Solutions as authorised support for all tapchanger products manufactured by AEI, British Thomson Houston (BTH), English Electric, GEC, Hackbridge & Hewittic and Metropolitan Vickers. Fundamentals Australia can service any legacy oil-filled tapchanger in Australia, with a highly experienced and qualified team and using genuine parts.

The team can provide consultancy in the field of tapchanger reverse power capacity. This includes design changes to improve ratings, the ability to advise on techniques to provide non-intrusive analysis and diagnosis of tapchanger condition status.

Automatic Voltage Control

SuperTAPP SG is a world leading package able to effectively control tapchangers and maintain voltage within mandated limits in the presence of distributed energy resources of all types. Fundamentals Australia can provide network analysis and recommendations on improved approaches to managing voltage using SuperTAPP SG and can provide scheme solutions to deliver those outcomes.

Low Voltage Regulation

LVR is a highly effective Low Voltage Regulator which is able to maintain voltage within limits along all LV feeders. This includes those with heavy penetration of rooftop solar. As a consequence this can increase the energy hosting capacity of a feeder without the reduction in power quality inherent to Var based solutions. LVR is an autonomous solution, requiring no network analysis or configuration, and no control scheme. Fundamentals Australia is able to provide advice on suitable positioning to deliver optimal voltage management of any given feeder.

In 2020 Fundamentals Australia will begin to deliver a cable fault management solution able to identify emerging underground cable faults before they cause a failure and outage. With its great positional accuracy this will bring huge benefits to LV cable asset management programs.

We are committed to the development of new and innovative solutions to the electricity industry, expanding our deep knowledge of power systems, electronics, and system protection & control techniques, and equipment.

Our Team in Australia

In 2018, Fundamentals Australia acquired the tapchanger maintenance services business of Eng-Com Pty Ltd. This added an industry leading team to the mix, bringing unparalleled experience and capability to our tapchanger servicing. With a skilled team of engineers, we are able to service any legacy tapchanger to the highest standard. We have introduced a program of tapchanger support. This will assist with asset management of tapchangers, helping our customers achieve optimal voltage control outcomes.

Contact our team in Australia

Head Office: Unit 11, 25 Stoddart Road, Prospect, NSW 2148

Phone: +61 (0)2 9896 3221

Direct Numbers

David Peck (Technical Consultant - Tapchangers)

+61 (0)419 309 727 |

Nick Yates (Commercial Director)

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Michael Rushmer (Technical Director)

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*PLEASE NOTE: the accreditations on this website currently apply to our UK business only.