Announcement from General Electric on Sale of Legacy Tapchanger Intellectual Property

The following announcement has been issued by GE (General Electric):

GE is pleased to announce the sale of its legacy Tapchanger Intellectual Property to Fundamentals Ltd. GE is committed to ensuring ongoing customer needs are considered when withdrawing support for its legacy products, and it is this commitment that has driven this sale, providing a solution for our customers’ continued service and maintenance requirements. 

Fundamentals has extensive knowledge and industry experience, with specialist expertise in the Service, Maintenance and Repair of 3rd Party Tapchangers. In addition to this, Fundamentals is a Channel Partner for GE’s Monitoring and Diagnostics products and services, thus providing an excellent platform for future collaborative working.

Fundamentals now officially replace GE’s Grid Solutions as authorised support for all tapchanger products manufactured by AEI, British Thomson Houston (BTH), English Electric, GEC, Hackbridge & Hewittic and Metropolitan Vickers.

All future enquiries in relation to tapchanger products manufactured by the companies listed below should be sent directly to Fundamentals, as follows:

The contact person for any additional information is: John Humble (Projects Director)


Tapchanger Types:
- AEI - Type L, H13, M21, 2M21, M31, M32, M33, M51, M52, M54, M56, S21, 3S21, S31 
- British Thompson Houston - ATC Range 
- English Electric - Type FDA, FDB, FDC, FDD, Dial, Drum, Reactor, and Rotary Types 
- GEC Type - J, MD, ME, MF, SD 
- Hackbridge & Hewittic - Type XC033 
- Metropolitan Vickers - Type LBT, LCT