ENA Publications take Open Networks Project five steps further

The Energy Networks Association is continuing to build a platform for the UK’s ‘smart grid’, this time with five new guides.

The publications are the latest in a range of documents, models and consultations released by the network representative body as part of the ongoing Open Networks Project – tasked with creating a more effective and efficient UK grid network.

The aim of the guides is to assist both network operators and customers across the UK to gain a more transparent understanding of the UK’s energy distribution as the grid develops.

The five documents are:

  1. A definition of the service requirements of network companies in the transition from DNO to DSO.  This includes identifying four ‘real’ (MW) power services for Congestion Management: Scheduled Constraint Management; Pre-fault Constraint Management; Post-fault Management; and Loss of Supply Restoration Support.
  2. Good Practice ahead of Connection Applications – with recommendations including heat maps and bookable ‘surgeries’ with local distribution/service designers.
  3. The wireframe for an online, UK-wide register of energy connections, in particular to help customers identify the best location for new connections.
  4. Findings from a ‘call for evidence’ on the treatment of flexible resources in the connections queue. This includes storage. According to the document most of the 16 respondents were in favour of flexibility, with a small number concerned about potential discrimination.
  5. A customer glossary – offering clear explanations of key terms and definitions widely-used by the energy industry and networks.


ONP marches on

According to reports,  support for the ENA’s Future Worlds consultation document – launched in July 2018 – has been generally positive from the 50 respondents. Now the organisation will have to wait for a more detailed analysis to the consultation by independent consultants which will, in turn, influence the impact analysis of the five potential options proposed by the ENA. This stage of the process should be completed 2019. 

Commenting on the latest progress, ENA’s Chief Executive Officer, David Smith, said:

"These five major publications mark another step forward in laying the foundations for a smart grid in the UK and establishing flexibility markets, which will promote greater competition in the market and give the public more control over how they use energy.”

He added:

"We are delighted with the response to the Future World's consultation which demonstrates that there is strong interest in the work being led by the Open Networks Project and industry stakeholders are key to developing this further."