Fundamentals Australia Pty Ltd Targets Major Voltage Control Issues

As Fundamentals Australia opens for business in Sydney, the team talk about their exciting new plans and reveal some thought-provoking insights into Australia’s dramatically changing power industry.

The UK-based Fundamentals Group established the wholly-owned subsidiary earlier this year and has developed a strong relationship with the Sydney-based team led by Nick Yates (Commercial Director) and Michael Rushmer (Technical Director). Fundamentals is entering the market at a time when voltage control in Australian distribution and LV networks has never been more challenging in terms of voltage stability and the economic delivery of distributed energy resources (DER).

“Mike and I are delighted to be part of the new Fundamentals Australia team, working to resolve some real voltage challenges arising at the edge of networks through the rapidly increasing penetration of DER,” said Yates.

“This is great news for energy prosumers but can put pressure on the grid, and Fundamentals has some effective solutions to provide very practical remedies."

Distributed generation in Australia is powering ahead so quickly that solar photovoltaics (PV) are expected to rise from around 3% to 23% of all electricity generated by 2025. Throw in wind and other renewables and parts of the country will hit 30% renewables within seven years. Industry sources in Australia have also mentioned that the solar boom presents enormous opportunities for new voltage control technologies. The distribution network service providers (DNSPs) are looking for anything that can help them manage the inevitable voltage issues that are on their way and the Fundamentals team is ready to help. And it doesn’t stop there, to further extend its range of offerings, Fundamentals has completed the acquisition of the tapchanger spares and service business of Victoria-based Eng-Com.

“This marks another exciting step for Sydney-based Fundamentals Australia Pty Ltd and will help us continue to help Network Service Providers in Australia manage their voltage control assets,” said Jon Hiscock, Managing Director of the UK-based Fundamentals Group.

“Eng-Com has provided tapchanger expertise and service for many years, especially for the many legacy British brands in service in Australia (such as Ferranti, Fuller, and ATL) which require skilled care and attention to deliver optimum performance on a grid which continues to change. Eng-Com’s Managing Director, David Peck, will continue to support the tapchanger business within Fundamentals Australia as Technical Consultant.”

Peck added:

“I’m very happy to have been able to sell the business on to a company with very clear synergies and opportunities and I look forward to being a part of its continued success. The tapchanger service and spares business is a perfect complement to the Fundamentals portfolio.”

It’s clear that the Australian electricity industry needs new voltage control solutions to help networks accommodate ever-increasing levels of distributed generation and storage and Fundamentals is excited to have the opportunity to become a key player in this space.

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