Fundamentals & SystemCORP – bringing it all together

A message from Dr Jonathan Hiscock, MD at Fundamentals:

Fundamentals and SystemCORP Energy are made for each other, I believe. Our decision to join forces as part of a single Fundamentals company is true synergy, because together we are set to achieve more than the sum of our parts.

Our individual strengths complement each other perfectly - and we share the same vision of delivering solutions which improve the health and performance of the grid, now and in the future.

Over 10 years of working together has proved that we are a great fit on every level: technologies, products, services, personnel and values. We each have established operations in the UK and Australia, with growing client bases and a shared drive to expand globally. Each of us is a world leader in specific areas of power system technology, we already provide solutions together, and we are jointly committed to rolling out even more game-changing technological innovations in the future.

So, what does each of us bring to the union? And what will be our future progeny?

Stronger as one

Fundamentals has built its 25 year development on a deep understanding of how electricity systems work, how to make them work even better, and how to meet the fast changing challenges of smart grids, new patterns of power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption.

We are highly experienced and skilled engineers. We also understand the growing need to ‘bring it all together’, with ever-greater emphasis on deep learning, artificial intelligence, data control, analysis and the integration of diverse estates of equipment, together with sometimes disparate systems and sub-systems.

Whilst delivering groundbreaking new solutions in the increasingly vital areas of Automatic Voltage Control (AVC), intelligent substation monitoring and fault detection, we realise the often-competing stresses on both utility and private operators to keep heritage assets healthy, reliable and productive, while embracing innovation – all as cost-efficiently as possible. So Fundamentals has developed unrivalled resources with brands which include Ferranti, AEI, English Electric, GEC, BTH and Metropolitan Vickers.

Which brings us to SystemCORP Energy.

Like Fundamentals, SystemCORP Energy has its own deep understanding of how electricity systems work – albeit from a perspective that is different but extremely complementary to our own. It has built its success on the development of outstanding data communication solutions, enabling information to flow securely and seamlessly across widely diverse systems. That includes the rapidly enfolding embrace of the Internet of Things (IoT) – once a futuristic concept, now an increasingly real manifestation of a world where literally every ‘thing’ is digitally joined with everything else.

SystemCORP Energy is meeting these challenges with class-leading solutions which are flexible and simple to implement, hence why Fundamentals and increasing numbers of companies worldwide now use them as part of their systems infrastructures.

Fusion reaction

Fundamentals and SystemCORP Energy have each built businesses on a combination of know-how, innovation, engineering, products and services, in particular but overlapping areas of expertise. But coming together now as a single Fundamentals entity will create a fusion reaction, generating more energy for innovation than our two separate elements.

More than ever, Fundamentals is a technology company. We are in the business of delivering technological solutions which improve the health and performance of electricity systems worldwide – and that will increasingly involve the development and delivery of packages which truly ‘bring it all together’. Watch this space and expect end-to-end data gathering, communication, collection, analysis, automation and control on a new scale. We have some very exciting propositions in the pipeline.

Combined resources

On a more immediate and practical level, SystemCORP and its employees in Perth are being incorporated into Fundamentals Australia Pty Ltd., adding to Fundamentals’ existing bases in Sydney, together with our headquarters in Swindon, UK,  and facilities in Bristol and Oldham. This will greatly enhance the mutual support we can provide for customers in both countries – and increasingly worldwide, as we continue to grow.

Exciting future

Companies succeed when they are the right organisation, with the right people, values and alignment. With SystemCORP Energy now part of the company, I think that sums up where Fundamentals is at this point. Our future together is very bright indeed.