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Tapchanger Maintenance Services

Fundamentals Australia is the leading provider of high-quality maintenance services and support for all British legacy tapchangers in Australia. Our growing team has decades of direct experience working in the field, unrivalled technical knowledge of the equipment including factory training, and a deep understanding of the service status of much of the Australian installed base.


We are building on our success and expanding our service profile and capabilities. The Fundamentals Group owns Ferranti Tapchangers and recently acquired from GE Grid Solutions the IP rights for all tapchanger products manufactured by GEC, AEI, English Electric, Metropolitan Vickers, British Thomson Houston (BTH), and Hackbridge & Hewittic. This acquisition means that Fundamentals is the OEM and exclusive worldwide support provider for all these legacy tapchangers.

In addition, Fundamentals Australia, through last year’s acquisition of Eng-Com Pty Ltd, has unrivalled experience servicing the Brush Transformers range of tapchangers in Australia, including current models such as AT and AE, and legacy devices from Associated Tapchangers Limited, Fuller, and Hawker Siddeley Power Transformers. We are proud to continue to provide this premium service capability for owners of all of these tapchangers.

The Fundamentals Group primary focus is to improve the health and performance of the network. For tapchangers this means the provision of expert maintenance service, maintenance advice, reverse power assessments, asset optimisation strategies, and voltage control schemes designed to minimise the operations experienced by a tapchanger. We are seeing significant growth of Distributed Energy Resources in the downstream network, which is increasing the complexity of the grid. This results in more tapchanger operations, reverse power at the tapchanger and, as a consequence, a more frequent maintenance cycle. Fundamentals Australia can help utilities develop integrated voltage control schemes which optimise voltage within regulatory constraints while reducing tapchanger activity.

Fundamentals Australia has a range of service support programs to help customers manage tapchanger maintenance more easily, ranging from a comprehensive spares holding in our Sydney warehouse, to purpose built Service Kits to simplify and cost-reduce the spares required for a maintenance service, to in-situ refurbishment and upgrade capabilities for many legacy tapchangers.

We’re here to help. Talk to us today at TechCon® Aus-NZ 2019 to hear how we can improve the health of your legacy tapchangers, or please contact us on the details in the footer.