Low Carbon Network Fund

Fundamentals are pleased to be involved with several LCNF projects and hope to be involved with more in the future.

The UK Power Networks (UKPN) 'Flexible Plug and Play' project is related to how to connect generation to the electrical distribution network in a much quicker and cheaper manner. As part of this project, Fundamentals will design, build, install and commission new voltage control schemes for several primary sites and a quad booster. The schemes will incorporate control devices which communicate using the IEC 61850 protocol.

The objective of the 'Capacity to Customers' project at Electricity North West (ENW) is to trial techniques for the connection of generation without the need for network reinforcement. Fundamentals are building and installing the control schemes for the new On-Load Tap Changer (OLTC) from MR for two distribution transformers. The OLTC will allow voltage regulation on the LV network and will provide considerable flexibility for management of network voltages, especially with increasing levels of PV.

Northern Power Grid's 'Customer Led Network Revolution' project aims to trial 'smart' technologies and responses to customer demand and how together they can reduce the costs associated with mass deployment of low carbon technologies (solar panels, heat pumps and electric vehicles). Fundamentals are involved in various aspects of the project and will deliver several control scheme solutions, including real-time transformer rating systems with IEC 61850 communications, feeder monitoring, smart tap changer control systems for primary and secondary transformers (incorporating the new MR tap changer).

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