The Newest Realisation in Voltage Control

Fundamentals is delighted to introduce the SuperTAPP SG; the latest realisation of the market-leading SuperTAPP range of AVC (Automatic Voltage Control) relays for transformer and tapchanger management. 

SuperTAPP SG provides practical options to deliver a Smart Grid approach for distributed generation, network interconnection and reconfiguration, flexible and highly variable loads, and many other scenarios which cause challenges for voltage control.

Two Electricity North West (ENW) primary substations sites (Baguley Primary and Trafford Park North Primary) are the very first two sites in the UK to have SuperTAPP SG installed. The first two SuperTAPP SG AVC schemes have been successfully installed and working at Baguley Primary and the Trafford Park North substation is currently in progress.

“A SuperTAPP SG based AVC scheme has been successfully controlling the voltage at Baguley substation since the 18th of March,” said Hamdi Shishtawi, Power Systems Engineer at Fundamentals Ltd. “We are frequently monitoring the performance of the relay via our iHost webserver; where the relay is connected to the server via an Envoy device that we have access to 24/7.”

Simon Rushton, Electricity North West’s Protection Systems Manager said: “The new SuperTAPP SG relays have been successfully installed at Baguley primary substation and shortly also at Trafford Park North substation. We are very pleased with the installation and the performance of the new SuperTAPP SG relays which have been working successfully since installation in March. We’re looking forward to completing the second installation and realising the capabilities of the new relay in managing voltage control associated with distributed generation on the network.”

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