South Australia’s transmission regulator turns off 67MW of solar power as demand drops to near-record levels due to a variety of factors.

UK’s all-electric future raises voltage challenge for DSOs

Nine network operators are looking to challenge Ofgem’s price control calculations after RIIO-2 pricing and methodologies were revealed in January.

Is the renewable energy economy set to permanently change Australia’s wholesale pricing structures and could this be an indicator for other markets?

The use of new and existing technology could mean a minimal amount of cost being passed to consumers as renewable energy is incorporated into the network, according to the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC).

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The smart money may be on machine learning when it comes to National Grid, but Virtual Power Plants may be another critical piece in the network management puzzle according to industry commentators.

With the New Year heralding RIIO-2 T2, and ED2 just two more years away, Ofgem has laid out its final determinations and methodology decisions to focus on the drive for Net Zero.