Clean electricity generation by 2035 will become law.

Rob Jay, Apprentice Engineer talks about his apprenticeship journey so far and his future goals as an engineer.

€1.62m contract part-funded by the European Space Agency incorporates the power of satellite navigation technology into power grids.

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has announced its energy reform package after delays following a backlash from consumers.

According to Ireland’s grid operator, EirGrid, "maintaining the balance between supply and demand has become increasingly challenging".

According to National Grid, use of power flow technology at scale is a world first and boosts the transmission network’s ability to support renewable generation.

When you call Fundamentals for technical support, you will be connected to someone who really knows their stuff on every aspect of Automatic Voltage Control (AVC).

The UK Climate Change Committee has suggested that the government has ‘ambition but no detailed plans on reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050’.

With rapid population growth, spiralling power demand and the need to manage distributed energy, can Africa meet its energy challenges?

Synchrophased data: the essence of real-time power grid management?

Synchrophasors are being deployed as an effective method of managing data from distribution and other measurement units to assist with achieving net-zero grids.