Digitalisation and open, accessible data are critical for a modern, decarbonised and decentralised Energy System according to report.

Regulator cuts the cost of equity of networks to reduce costs to consumer by £6bn over five years.

On the wall of Fundamentals’ Bladon Meeting Room – named after the home village of Co-Founder Nick Hiscock – hangs a picture frame.  Displayed are two sheets of paper.

National Grid could run on zero-carbon electricity only; Scotland pushes zero-carbon in capital and renewables across the country.

Fundamentals has reviewed the potential Brexit scenarios – based on the best information currently available - from a company, supplier, customer and systems perspective.

Our conclusions can be divided into two main categories: financial and production.

Fundamentals’ joint venture, Powerline Technologies joins the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Enersyn project

Tapchanger Maintenance Services

We're delighted to announce the recent appointment of John Langley-Davis.

Reliable, safe, cost-effective and clean are all achievable from a renewables grid…at the same time.

Low-carbon economy objective remains with three potential development models proposed.