A message from Dr Jonathan Hiscock, MD at Fundamentals:

Fundamentals and SystemCORP Energy are made for each other, I believe. Our decision to join forces as part of a single Fundamentals company is true synergy, because together we are set to achieve more than the sum of our parts.

Latest research shows executives believe greenhouse gas emissions have directly contributed to the increase in extreme weather events and that severe weather poses a direct threat to their businesses.

Powerline Technologies, Chronos and the European Space Agency join forces in the drive towards zero emissions and greener roads.

James Kelloway from National Grid

The drive for greener power generation could be accelerated by the Coronavirus pandemic as renewable power costs plummet according to the World Economic Forum and new research.

Ofgem has provided an update highlighting the statutory and time-critical elements that will continue despite the Coronavirus crisis. However, some RIIO-2 activity faces possible delays.

With global lockdown now the ‘norm’ for industry and individuals, the UK’s National Grid faces the surprising challenge of too little demand.

Managing voltages is set to become an increasing challenge for all network operators.

Please check this page for regular updates on our Covid-19 policy.

As with all industries, the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has initiated a rapid response from the energy sector. However, the impact may be a downturn in demand.

The first detailed database of Distributed Energy Resources has been released, as the country’s Reliability Panel warns of dangers of climate change to grid.