Fundamentals-owned Powerline Technologies is working with UK Power Networks and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks on a project that could dramatically reduce low voltage faults.

As Fundamentals Australia opens for business in Sydney, the team talk about their exciting new plans and reveal some thought-provoking insights into Australia’s dramatically changing power industry.

Artificial intelligence could help predict and prevent power cuts before they happen using new technology being developed by UK Power Networks and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN).


The recent UK heatwave made for some surprising headlines

As parts of the UK hit record temperatures in June, July and early August 2018, energy suppliers were faced with a number of interesting challenges.

With the UK Government issuing its first official notices recognising that Brexit without a deal may be possible, industry trade body BEAMA has examined the implications.

National Grid’s 2018 Future Energy Scenarios (FES) Report highlighted decentralisation as a key element of decarbonisation to 2050.

As the World Cup Finals continue in Russia, the UK’s network plans for the inevitable power spikes. In fact, England has already scored!

Despite planned changes to existing Distribution Network Operators’ (DNO) status, and new tech from National Grid to calculate carbon emissions, is it too little to combat climate change?  

Following the EU’s ‘Notice to Stakeholders’ letter back in April 2018, the energy sector continues to watch the Brexit negotiations with mixed emotions.