On the wall of Fundamentals’ Bladon Meeting Room – named after the home village of Co-Founder Nick Hiscock – hangs a picture frame.  Displayed are two sheets of paper.

National Grid could run on zero-carbon electricity only; Scotland pushes zero-carbon in capital and renewables across the country.

Fundamentals has reviewed the potential Brexit scenarios – based on the best information currently available - from a company, supplier, customer and systems perspective.

Our conclusions can be divided into two main categories: financial and production.

Fundamentals’ joint venture, Powerline Technologies joins the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Enersyn project

Tapchanger Maintenance Services

We're delighted to announce the recent appointment of John Langley-Davis.

Reliable, safe, cost-effective and clean are all achievable from a renewables grid…at the same time.

Low-carbon economy objective remains with three potential development models proposed.

Northern Powergrid focuses on working with customers to identify their flexible demand options.

Our Managing Director, Dr Jonathan Hiscock gives us an insight into why tapchangers are so important in the power grid, how their performance can be enhanced, their reliability extended and what to expect if they’re not properly maintained.