Control Panels

Voltage control relays are normally mounted in a control panel, which can be installed outside in a substation compound near the transformer, or inside a substation building remote from the transformer.

For over two decades, Fundamentals has developed an in-house capability and expertise for the design and manufacture of automatic voltage control (AVC) panels, and these often form part of our turnkey solutions for AVC upgrade schemes.  Invariably, the control panels are equipped with one or two of our voltage control systems from the SuperTAPP range.  Whether the AVC scheme demands a standard or bespoke design approach, we are happy to meet your exacting specification requirements.

There are three basic control panel configurations available to choose from, namely:

  • Freestanding units with standard 19" racking, flush front and rear access door (full width).  The flush front reduces the likelihood of passersby disturbing the externally mounted equipment.  An option also exists for fitting a front door to attain an IP rating (up to IP54).

  • Freestanding units with standard 19" racking, swing frame (to access internal equipment) and front access door.  This option is ideal for substation buildings or containers, where space is at a premium since the unit has been designed to be positioned against a wall.  For added stability, the control panel can be secured to the wall with suitable bolts.

  • Customised wall mounted units with front access door.  These are normally specified for a single AVC system.

It is possible to accommodate dual AVC systems, alarm and trip relays, VTs and CTs within a single freestanding or wall mounted panel.  These units are also designed with a raised chamber, with removable gland plates, to facilitate cable handling and termination for bottom cable entry.  All options can accommodate field control cables either bottom or top cable entry; the latter being achieved via an extension box.  All panels are internally illuminated and fitted with padlockable door handles.

To complement our offering, Fundamentals can provide scheme design, build, installation and commissioning services for the associated transformer protection panels.