Drycol Breather

The Drycol Breather is an effective refrigeration solution that maintains the dryness of a transformer's insulation, extends the lifetime of the asset and reduces oil treatment cost. It is designed to remove moisture from different sources such as the tank and cooler gaskets, normal insulation degradation process and the oil/air interface in the conservator during the load cycle.

The Drycol Breather solution is designed for all power transformers, regardless of the manufacturer and can be installed on new transformers and retrofitted onto existing install base. The solution can also replace conventional desiccant breathers with minimal onsite modifications.


Key Benefits

  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Drycol Breather can be installed during a planned outage
  • Control cubicle fits with all Drycol Breathers models


  • The Drycol Breather is available in two models to support all voltages, ratings and different oil volumes
  • Suitable for retrofit
  • Supports broad range of transformers with oil levels up to 45,000 or 90,000 litres, or more depending on configuration
  • Suitable for all brands of transformers

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Fundamentals Ltd is the only UK approved GE Monitoring & Diagnostics Channel Partner able to offer maintenance, repair, upgrade, installation, and commissioning works for the Drycol Breather. Please contact us for more information or call 01793 847163.

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