Ferranti Tapchangers Ltd

Ferranti Tapchangers Ltd was acquired by Fundamentals in May 2017. Ferranti on-load tapchangers have been supplied worldwide for over 60-years. The quality of these tapchangers is such that many of the earliest manufactured units are still in operation and giving an excellent service today.

Ferranti Tapchangers started life as part of Ferranti International Ltd, which was established by Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti over 100-years ago. The brand name Ferranti is still globally recognised today and there are still approximately 5000 fully commissioned and functioning Ferranti Tapchangers, many of which are over 60-years-old, across the globe; from Agecroft to Argentina, Sleaford to The Sychelles.

Ferranti Tapchangers carry on the Ferranti name and tradition and is still very much a thriving business. We still have access to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) spare parts, original drawings and specifications and a huge database of information. In addition to this, we have a top-team of engineers with over 50-years of tapchanger experience. We can repair, service, maintain, refurbish and offer technical advice on any of the 20+ models of Ferranti Tapchanger either in-house or on-site. Furthermore, we can supply service kits with the OEM parts and instructions for you to keep on-site.

To find out more about the products and services we offer at Ferranti Tapchangers, please visit our Ferranti website: http://www.ferrantitapchangers.com/