Low Voltage Regulator

The Low Voltage Regulator has been designed by US company, Pacific Volt. They developed the LVR-30 after 23 years of in-service experience with over 3000 similar devices already deployed at 20 utilities, the US military, and commercial customers across three continents. 20 kVA versions of this regulator have been in operation in the Australian outback for 10+ years.

Maintaining Voltage Compliance

The Low Voltage Regulator is a cost-effective series voltage regulator for maintaining voltage compliance. Application examples include urban networks impacted by the integration of DER, and rural situations involving long high impedance feeders.

Series voltage regulation efficiently delivers consistent, stable results without the need for complex controls. The results do not depend on the x/r ratio of the circuit, nor the load reactance. Series regulation is shown to be up to 10x more efficient than shunt regulators (VAR control). There are also situations where shunt regulators fail to operate correctly.

Insertion of the LVR does not significantly impact THD, power factor, impedance, phase angle, or ripple load control signals (AFLC) on the LV network. The LVR’s sub-cycle regulation reduces flicker by ~66%. Series voltage regulation works autonomously, consistently, and reliably on all circuits under all conditions.


The LVR-30 is simple to apply wherever there are voltage compliance issues. It is designed to suit a ‘travelling’ arrangement where LVRs can be rapidly deployed pending the planning and implementation of long-term reinforcement; after which the LVR can be redeployed.

Key Features:

  • Single phase 230V
  • 30 kVA Continuous Rating
  • 13% Buck/Boost Range
  • Variable Setpoints
  • Sub-cycle Regulation
  • Bi-directional Power Flow
  • On-board Data Collection
  • Bluetooth or optional WAN
  • External Control Switch/Lock
  • High Efficiency 99.6%
  • Series Injection Design
  • Quick Dove Tail Mount
  • Light Weight 56kg

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