Monitoring & Diagnostics Products

Fundamentals is a GE Grid Solutions Reseller. On behalf of GE, we offer a wide range of solutions to monitor and manage critical assets on the electrical grid, detect and diagnose issues and provide expert information and services to customers. Our asset monitoring and diagnostics portfolio includes solutions for single and multi-gas transformer DGA, enhanced transformer solutions and switchgear monitoring, as well as software and services. View the table below and click on the product you are interested in for further information. 


Holistic Transformer & Switchgear Monitoring


Multi-Gas Asset Monitoring & Diagnostics


Single-Gas Asset Monitoring & Diagnostics

Intellex BMT 330   Kelman MINITRANS   Hydran M2-X
 CBWatch3   TRANSFIX DGA 500    Hydran 201Ti
MS 3000   Kelman DGA 900   H201Ci-1
Perception Fleet   Kelman MULTITRANS   H201Ci-C
Services   Kelman TAPTRANS    
    Kelman Transport X2