mA Transducer

The FTPT/3 is designed for use with the Fundamentals RTMU control and monitor unit type RTMU to provide a remote indication for transformer tap change position.

The unit is small, compact and connects directly to the tap position input of the monitor and outputs a current that is proportional to the tap position. The current ranges provided as standard are 0-10, 0-20 and 4-20mA and can be used to drive other indicators or input to SCADA systems.

The latest version of the Tap Position Transducer has the following extra functionality:

  • The ability to use either 12Vdc from an AVC Relay or 110 Vac from the tap changer supply to energise the resistor chain
  • The removal of the need for an earth connection

We added these extra features to help with situations where dirty tapchanger contacts were causing issues with the reliability of the signal coming back from the resistor chain.  We have found that the use of an AC voltage aids cleaning of the contacts.

Technical information