Averaging Voltage Transformer

The FAVT Averaging VT is used with the RVM voltage control relay to facilitate control of double-secondary winding power transformers. VT connections are made to the FAVT unit, averaged and then output to the RVM.

Averaging VT Functions:

  • Voltage averaging of two VT inputs
  • Three phase or single phase VTs possible

FAVT User Manual

Power Factor Meter

The FPFM power factor meter is a commissioning tool for the SuperTAPP voltage control relay type RVM. The RVM relay must have the correct CT/VT relationship in order to operate correctly (30 degree connection). Incorrect connections can result in the following:

  • Permanent voltage errors
  • Reverse LDC
  • No circulating current control
  • Divergent tap changers

Power Factor Meter Functions:

Load Exclusion Module

The LEM (load exclusion module) relay is designed for use with SuperTAPP type RVM relays to reduce the impact of power factor deviations caused by any of the following network components:

  • Embedded Generation
  • Capacitor Banks
  • Industrial Loads (heavily lagging power factor)

LEM Functions: