RTPI Relay

The RTPI relay is designed for use with SuperTAPP type RVM relays or as a stand alone monitor device for existing or new voltage control systems.

When used in conjunction with RVM voltage control relays, a comprehensive, self contained tap change control system is provided in an extremely cost effective manner, such that minimum external wiring is required to complete the installation.

The RTPI relay is available in two types:

Tap position indicator

Tap position indicator with runaway prevention

mA Transducer

The FTPT/2 is designed for use with the Fundamentals RTMU control and monitor unit type RTMU to provide a remote indication for transformer tap change position.

The unit is small, compact and connects directly to the tap position input of the monitor and outputs a current that is proportional to the tap position. The current ranges provided as standard are 0-10, 0-20 and 4-20mA and can be used to drive other indicators or input to SCADA systems.