Voltage Control Relays - MicroTAPP

The MicroTAPP voltage control and monitor system is an advanced numeric system based on the widely used SuperTAPP relay. The operational requirements for efficient control of tap changing transformers and protection against abnormal voltage levels is provided in a compact and user friendly design contained within a standard Epsilon unit 4U (177mm) height and E8 width (208mm). Advanced features of metering, data storage and communications for remote control and data transfer are included as standard with the relay.

Full supervision and self-monitoring of the internal relay functions give a high operational reliability and the modular construction allows for on-site serviceability.
A standard, comprehensive menu-based interface gives user-friendly access to the relay settings, display options and fault data. A communications port is provided for local connection to a laptop PC and two fibre optic ports for remote connection.

Voltage Control Functions:

  • Plant inputs such as 'tap in progress' and remote 'tap raise or lower' are connected to status inputs and are accessible from the relay menu system
  • Voltage Measurement
  • Current Measurement
  • Outputs - dependent on the action required ( tap changer action, initiate alarms, drive indications etc)

The MicroTAPP range of Automatic Voltage Control (AVC) relays combine the power and flexibility of microprocessor technology with the renowned operating philosophy and effectiveness of the established SuperTAPP market leader.

Please Note: The MicroTAPP relay has been officially discontinued by its manufacturer, Siemens Reyrolle, from 30th September 2015.  Whilst the hardware is no longer available, Fundamentals will continue to provide technical support for this product.  If you have any technical issues, please feel free to contact our Technical Support team via Contact Us on this website.


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