SuperTAPP SG is the latest realisation of the market-leading SuperTAPP range of AVC relays for transformer and tapchanger management.  SuperTAPP SG provides practical options to deliver a Smart Grid approach for distributed generation, network interconnection and reconfiguration, flexible and highly variable loads, and many other scenarios which cause challenges for voltage control.


Key Features:


  • Complete voltage control package for Smart Grid
  • Basic voltage control for standard applications
  • Advanced solutions for distributed generation
  • Accommodates reverse power flows, diverse feeder load profiles and variable power factors
  • Integrated control panel with real control switches
  • Comprehensive SCADA protocols including IEC 61850, DNP3 and IEC 60870
  • PC software for management of entire SuperTAPP SG fleet, including settings, tapchanger operation, relay and tapchanger diagnostics and historical data


Key Benefits:


For network operation

  • Fewer customer complaints
  • Reduce losses

For connection of generation

  • Maximise voltage headroom and reduce generator curtailment
  • Avoid complex ANM schemes for voltage management
  • Reduce connection costs for DG

For asset management and replacement

  • Deliver asset health indices at lower cost
  • Reduce tapchanger maintenance costs
  • Reduce effects of tapchanger failure and risk of damage

For reinforcement projects

  • Deliver reinforcement plan at reduced cost
  • Easy to install and commission
  • Supports use with all types of transformer, tapchanger and scheme

Model Functionality:


Basic SG


Functions include: 

  • Integrated manual controls
  • Measurement of a three-phase VT and CT
  • Automatic Voltage Control (AVC) for 2-winding transformers
  • Compounding factors for:
     - Load/line Drop Compensation
     - Paralleling multiple transformers through:
          - Transformer Advanced Paralleling Principle
          - Negative Reactance
          - True Circulating Current
          - (Master-follower can also be handled)
  • Tap-changer monitoring and runaway prevention
  • Optional SCADA communications to IEC 61850, DNP3, IEC 60870-5-103 and IEC 60870-5-104
  • Additional I/O and mA loop options

Advanced SG

All Basic functions plus:

  • Measurement of 2 three-phase VTs and 3 CTs, with options for up to 10 CTs
  • AVC for 3-winding transformers (double secondary)
  • Use of additional current input for generation feeder, generation, load correction, load exclusion, load inclusion, interconnected substation

Ultimate SG

 All Basic and Advanced functions plus:

  • Autonomous algorithms for frequency and load-based voltage adjustments
  • Tap stagger
  • Smart Grid logic processing

SuperTAPP SG accessories

SuperTAPP SG - mA Transducer

The FTPT/3 is designed for use with the Fundamentals RTMU control and monitor unit type RTMU to provide a remote indication for transformer tap change position.

The unit is small, compact and connects directly to the tap position input of the monitor and outputs a current that is proportional to the tap position. The current ranges provided as standard are 0-10, 0-20 and 4-20mA and can be used to drive other indicators or input to SCADA systems.

The latest version of the Tap Position Transducer has the following extra functionality:

  • The ability to use either 12Vdc from an AVC Relay or 110 Vac from the tap changer supply to energise the resistor chain
  • The removal of the need for an earth connection

We added these extra features to help with situations where dirty tapchanger contacts were causing issues with the reliability of the signal coming back from the resistor chain.  We have found that the use of an AC voltage aids cleaning of the contacts.

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