SuperTAPP SG is the latest realisation of the market-leading SuperTAPP range of AVC relays for transformer and tapchanger management.  SuperTAPP SG provides practical options to deliver a Smart Grid approach for distributed generation, network interconnection and reconfiguration, flexible and highly variable loads, and many other scenarios which cause challenges for voltage control.


Key Features:


  • Complete voltage control package for Smart Grid
  • Basic voltage control for standard applications
  • Advanced solutions for distributed generation
  • Accommodates reverse power flows, diverse feeder load profiles and variable power factors
  • Integrated control panel with real control switches
  • Comprehensive SCADA protocols including IEC 61850, DNP3 and IEC 60870
  • PC software for management of entire SuperTAPP SG fleet, including settings, tapchanger operation, relay and tapchanger diagnostics and historical data


Key Benefits:


  • For network operation
  • Fewer customer complaints
  • Reduce losses

For connection of generation

  • Maximise voltage headroom and reduce generator curtailment
  • Avoid complex ANM schemes for voltage management
  • Reduce connection costs for DG

For asset management and replacement

  • Deliver asset health indices at lower cost
  • Reduce tapchanger maintenance costs
  • Reduce effects of tapchanger failure and risk of damage

For reinforcement projects

  • Deliver reinforcement plan at reduced cost
  • Easy to install and commission
  • Supports use with all types of transformer, tapchanger and scheme

Model Functionality:


Basic SG


Functions include: 

  • Integrated manual controls
  • Measurement of a three-phase VT and CT
  • Automatic Voltage Control (AVC) for 2-winding transformers
  • Compounding factors for:
     - Load/line Drop Compensation
     - Paralleling multiple transformers through:
          - Transformer Advanced Paralleling Principle
          - Negative Reactance
          - True Circulating Current
          - (Master-follower can also be handled)
  • Tap-changer monitoring and runaway prevention
  • Optional SCADA communications to IEC 61850, DNP3, IEC 60870-5-103 and IEC 60870-5-104
  • Additional I/O and mA loop options

Advanced SG

All Basic functions plus:

  • Measurement of 2 three-phase VTs and 3 CTs, with options for up to 10 CTs
  • AVC for 3-winding transformers (double secondary)
  • Use of additional current input for generation feeder, generation, load correction, load exclusion, load inclusion, interconnected substation

Ultimate SG

 All Basic and Advanced functions plus:

  • Autonomous algorithms for frequency and load-based voltage adjustments
  • Tap stagger
  • Smart Grid logic processing